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Get to Know Hak Shack Woodworks

Hak Shack Woodworks is a small, family run shop. Our passion for woodworking was inspired by my dad. We are a large family, and my dad, a meticulous craftsman, would often make things that suited our particular needs better than anything we could buy. Watching and learning from him brought a real sense of pride in designing and making special things. 

Through the years the joy of making in the shop has been a constant in our lives. We've made custom furniture and small toys and just about anything that you can imagine in between. We even built an entire house!

And now, all these years later, that passion for designing and making special things is still very much alive. We've decided to feed that passion and start a full-time shop.

So please, keep an eye on us. Watch as we grow and develop new products. We aim to make special, one-of-a-kind pieces, and, as we learned from Dad, there's no compromising on quality. 

Cabinet Maker Sketch
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Florence, AL USA

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